Textiles and Apparel

textile and apperel

India’s textiles sector is one of the largest contributing sectors of India’s exports, netting approximately 11 per cent to the country’s total exports basket. Logistics plays a vital role by helping Indian exporters meet their delivery commitments to international markets.

At Sea Air Cargo Express, we understand importance of facilitating international trade by providing just in time supply chain logistics. The seasonal nature of the fashion industry means shipments have to be deployed on time and even a few days of delay can result in substantial losses for the exporter.

Sea Air Cargo Express can help with shipments of raw material, accessories as well as warehousing and distribution of finished merchandise, The apparel industry produces a large variety of different designs to meet evolving buying requirements; creating uncertainty regarding stock storage and production. Just-in-time supply of apparel to end markets is a vital requirement for any company in the apparel retail marketplace.

Sea Air Cargo Express supports manufacturers, retailers and suppliers with deliveries of hanging and flat packed garments, and other fashion merchandise

We provide sea or air freight options with the assurance that all shipments reach the destination in tact and wrinkle free.