Regulations & Compliance

International trade is complex. Shippers are often unaware of various Customs regulations and compliances required to carry out cross border trade.

Amidst heightened concern about the integrity of cargo moving through the world’s supply chains, it is imperative for shippers to work with logistics partners who know and understand various customs formalities and compliances. Increasingly, new Customs laws and regulations pose a significant challenge.

Even minor lapses can cost shippers loss of valuable time and money due to clearance delays. Sea Air Cargo Express has a due diligence process in place for making entry declarations, correct classifications, dutiable values, origins, etc.

Importers are increasingly obliged to engage in comprehensive self-assessments and implement Customs compliance programs in order to avoid severe penalties. This means that Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) must understand proposed legislation, rules, and regulations regarding changes in Customs duty protections. Sea Air Cargo Express works with shippers to ensure hassle free shipments.