Transportation of pharmaceuticals plays a critical role especially in case of life saving drugs, even minor temperature excursions can affect the drugs efficacy. Healthcare logistics is the single most expensive component of health care. India is one of the fastest-growing pharmaceutical markets in the world and has established itself as a global manufacturing and research hub. The export of bulk drugs continue to grow to regulated markets. The health care industry requires reduced costs, greater agility and improved speed to market, this is often complicated due to cross border regulatory legal framework in various countries,

Having an expert logistics service provider like Sea Air Cargo Express is crucial to ensure speed to market and temperature fidelity, Many drugs are highly sensitive to temperature; some are extremely valuable; and all are subject to a complex array of government regulations.

Sea Air Cargo Express ensures that temperature sensitive cargo is stored and transported as per instructions alongwith timebound completion of regulations and compliances, To maintain consistent shipment temperature in transit, Sea Air Cargo Express uses equipment such as refrigerated trailers, insulated packaging, thermal blankets, and dry ice, etc