Agri Perishables

agri perishable

India is very keen to promote export of Agriculture and Processed Food products. In line with this, the Customs authorities accord priority clearance to perishable agro products cargo.

To boost exports of perishable agro items, Customs facilitate speedy clearance to such cargo. Sea Air Cargo Express ensures that all necessary clearances are in place as time is crucial for such cargo types. Fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, seafood etc, require specialised handling and transportation in temperature controlled reefer containers. Similarly, warehouses also need special equipment and controlled temperature environment to ensure zero spoilage.

Surface transport to Air freight transfers must be seamless and well coordinated to ensure fast movement of cargo. For perishables that can't be frozen air freight is the best option.

Sea Air Cargo Express can help handle distribution of perishable items, taking into account the time and temperature sensitivity for the transportation of perishable goods and provide an appropriate solution for transportation management.